We at AlNada Factory for Tomato & Ketchup Manufacturing, believe that in order to create value for consumers, our products should not only be of superior quality, but should exceed consumer expectations from a broader perspective.

Knowledge and experience

We apply local knowledge, experience, innovation and innovation to develop and deliver products suitable for domestic and foreign markets. These basic skills have been critical to our success in manufacturing highly competitive products.

Focus on customers

Working together with our design and production capabilities is our commitment to knowing our customers and understanding their needs, concerns and aspirations. This combination of technical expertise and customer focus allows us to understand the complex selection mechanisms of consumers, as well as to meet their needs more easily.


By understanding that the manufacture of products such as tomato sauce and ketchup requires speed, consistency and flexibility, we trust the abilities, personal character, local experience and judgment of our colleagues and all operators in the full supply chain, enabling them to work in line with our company's code of conduct and delivering outstanding quality and value to our consumers.


We do business with the highest ethical standards from the beginning because we know that our consumers must have the confidence to say, "Any product with a dew plant mark is of high quality and very good value."


We work according to international standards of quality and understand the vital value of things that distinguish us, local tastes, business practices, consumption habits, strengths and collective and individual skills we enjoy. We celebrate this diversity and apply these strengths proudly to our business practices and customer service.


One can not succeed without a commitment to teamwork at every level of the supply chain. We work together to achieve our goals and help our consumers, in this process, meet their needs, interests and demands.

Quality of life

We recognize the importance of healthy living and well-being. This is the ultimate basis for our full work; to help our consumers live and cherish a healthy and happy life that consumes the best possible ingredients prepared according to possible standards and safer production techniques.